What should we do when the robots take over the world

What should we do when the robots take over the world, in the not so distant future?

So let’s assume that the robots will take over the world, and not in the way the industrialization took over some jobs – but in no way left no jobs for the humans, when the machines came.
And let’s assume that we get a non dystopian robot future, where they took over the working world and not as our metallic overlords.
We get robots that can take over all manual jobs, all of them – cheap unlimited work force that work 24/7/365 – how would the world work, what should we do?
Well it’s obvious that it cannot continue to work as it does today, there are really no need for humans.
So in the perfect world we would do all the soft stuff, we would paint, make music, talk to family and friends, have fun.
Imagine this your grandmother turns 80 – today she would end up at nursing home, where “people” take care of wiping her ass, getting her out of bed, making her food, changing her diaper, and so on.
What if she could stay at home and a gentle robot with soft silicon hands were doing all the work, then you could talk, and enjoy life, and not like it is today have guilty conscience that you only manage to visit 2 times pr. Month.
The same with your kids, all the “basic” needs were taken care off (if you wanted it that way)

what kind of world should we wish for ?

there are the obvious faults in this idea

  1. Who own all the robots, some huge evil corporation that will then own all the value in the world, pretty soon after this.
  2. The military – would they allow a company to have those robots – and what other country would allow it btw, a vast robot army that blindly follows their owners, never misses a target never eat, never grow tired, never ask if it is worth it all.

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