On combined Scouting and Cleaning Mission

Now that the base is set up, well hidden and fully supplied, and the enemy system is hacked  – its time to scout.

There are 2 primary objectives on this mission.

  1. make a detailed digital map of the area.
  2. kill any dust i may encounter while mapping


The mission went well – despite some problems returning to base.

a full map was made, a lot of hostile dust was encountered and eliminated.


Some very useful intel was gathered and it is now clear that the ruler must relocate the Air Roots on some of the locale fauna – I had a close to mortal encounter with  a huge palm tree that fell on me after i started to attack it roots, my advanced guidance and targeting system mistook them for the enemy.

But after som brief strategising an some negotiations with the locals –  a deal was struck.

The Air Roots will no longer take up the floor, but will be in the Air … Where if you ask me.. Air roots should be!



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