Why you should NOT follow the law !

anarchy sign

Anarchy Sign

Perhaps you think me an Anarchist when i tell you that I do not follow the law !

Me as an Anarchist

Well sometimes I can be a wild one and cross the street in an angle slightly less or slightly more than the legal 90 degrees. I have even been known to run a red light on my bike in the middle of the night on a road where I could see 500 meters in each direction!

But that is not what im talking about – that concern is whether or not you should BREAKE the law!

What is wrong with people

More and more of late I am hearing phrases like “i’m entitled to” or “it’s not illegal” or even “why is Y illegal when i can go and do X”


so let me be precise, The law is the lower boundary of what society will accept.


some great examples

-you are allowed to drive 130 kmph – this is the boundary. It is ok if you drive less especially for the sake of safety. And yes then some idiot goes well well well so you only set an upper boundary then I wil go 2 kmph just to be an asshole ( and then we also get a law for that)
BUT what if people just stopped being assholes – and drove like normal people – with the focus of making the ride as pleasant as possible not only for you, but for all of us !

-you are required to where a mask due to Covid19 when you are at a restaurant. ( i take it that this is considered high risk since the purpose is to put stuff in your mouth). Then i saw Piet Klein (CEO of a restaurant chain in Denmark) complain that there are areas where you are at even higher risk. RULES – once more, you are allowed to wear a mask or even to skip out on spinning class during the worst health crises in 100 years. You don’t have to wait for the lawmakers to catch up !

-In some intersections you MUST make a full stop before driving on.

this does not make it’s illegal to make a full stop in the intersections that do not have a sign 🙂

-you must give space when the 2 roads are merging! -But believe it or not you can be nice and give space on the road on numerous occasions not mentioned in the law. -The law only specifies when you are being such a huge buffoon, that we will punish you.

To sum it up:

Don’t strive to walk the narrow path of following the law, be better than the absolutely lowest acceptable level of behaviour.

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