what is virkeligheden.com

If you are reading this blog, not that i think many ever will, since it’s mostly written to get thoughts out of my head you might wonder what Virkeligheden is.

Virkeligheden is a Danish word.

But what does it mean ? – Virkeligheden will be translated as “Reality” by Google translate, or as “fact” or “Real Life”. – but it is much more than that.

Virkeligheden, is everything that is, but more than that, it is everything that exist, at a specifik time, every fact, all that is at this point in time, combined,

perhaps its easier to explain what it is not, it is not your wishes, its has nothing to do with probability, ideals, dreams or your fantasy.

So there you have it your own little, introduction to a danish word, and to my, blog.

I expect to post say every 14. days or so, for about 1 year, that is what is already ready in my head. – but all that is not Virkelighheden… not yet atleast 😉

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