Would your boss replace you by AI ?

Would your boss replace you by AI ?

What if Evilcorp, called every company tomorrow, all of them, every single one in all countries, and gave them this offer:


Hi this is Evilcorp. calling – we offer you AI, Real AI.

it works like this, you give us full access to your computers, for 7 days, then our AI will have figured out what your workers do, and it will take over.

you can pay us 100.000$ now pr. worker, and you will have working power equal to 1 person for the next 100 years.

And mind you this is a worker that can work 24 hours a day, a worker that dont need pension, a worker that is never sick, a worker that will never leave you for a better offer, a worker that dont go off to start a family, or to self realise in Tibet. –  and for only 10.000 extra your new best worker will speak all languages, and you dont even need a office for them, all you need is a cool server room,  – Only limitations, no physical work will be done – for that you need to buy our robots.


would your boss say no ?


This is what will happen once somebody cracks the nut, and invents true AI, not limited AI as we sees it today.

Think about it, the second some one cracks it, and make a true self learning AI, the first thing that AI would do, was to improve its own code, and within milliseconds, it would be better at learning that 4.000 million years of evolution has made us capable of.

within a couple of seconds, only limited by storage space, and download speed, it would be the most intelligent thing that has been on earth by a factor of billions, and not specific to 1 area, like a calculator, that can do advanced math, or even Watson that can answer questions – NO, this would be Real AI.


There are of course 2 important things we need to consider.

  1. can  you have true intelligence without self awareness ? (and if the answer is no, we have a whole other set of problems 😉 )
  2. Could 1 company own this ?

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